Discover here Sarah's latest tweet live from the Bush..


"Hello, I made it to my resupply point ! "

"I'm going to bed with a big fresh fish and an enormous salad in my stomach #fullstomac #droppedintothewildcorner"


"I'm out of the no human zone, walking on a dusty road. 2 days to go before my resupply point #droppedintothewildcorner"


"8.20am River crossing done, I've found a passage zigzagging on the top of big black boulder meanwhile crocs are watching me #crocs #droppedintothewildcorner"


"My solar watch Tissot T-Touch been the perfect tool to navigate across this wild terrain @Tissot #Tissot #mygear #droppedintothewildcorner"

"Arrived at the end of the day in front of a stunning river. On the other side in 1day walk is a road. Exhausted #droppedintothewildcorner"

"The sun goes down, lying naked on a flat stone I'm splashing my faithfull body with water. Completely exhausted but never been more alive #alive #droppedintothewildcorner"


5.53am Birds are playing an elaborate piece of music. Time to go #emptystomac #droppedintothewildcorner"

"I'm on hill top (400m) overlooking the river below sunrise with an intense orange + birds wakeup voice check #goodmorningaustralia #droppedintothewildcorner"