You already know Gregory, who was my expedition manager for my last 3-years expedition – Wild by Nature.  He took up his post again, delegating the resupply to Jennie for Dropped into the Wild Corner  

I would like to introduce you to Jennie who joined the team at the beginning of this year.

After realising one of her dreams, that was to do a round the world trip alone, she called me to find out whether what we talked about before she left, that is to say the possibility of her working with me, was still on the agenda. And this is how she joined our little team. Don’t be misled by her angelical air. This young woman is a skydiver and is immensely effective in practically all situations. Did I tell you that she is my cousin?

Well yes, after uprooting my little brother from the canton of Jura, I did the same with Jennie who now lives in Valais. Indeed it is with my brother Joël that Jennie will find herself on the Kimberley slopes. They are in charge of the resupply (more about this in another upcoming posting)

Jennie joined the team with A-J (pronounced heyji) who is also called: Ginseng. This nickname, I’m sure, gives you an idea of her character. After the death of my dog JOE, who is irreplaceable in my eyes, this little Jack Russell terrier became my temporary accomplice. Since we met, you can always find dried meat in my fridge - strange food for a vegetarian. I have established a little morning ritual of a few slices of dried meat with a raw carrot that she eats, I think, just to please me.