Sarah's inspiration

I'm in the bush at the end of another tortuous walking day, sitting on the ground resting against my heavy backpack.
Exhausted, I look up just in time to see intense colors of bright red, blue and apple green.
As the distinctive call of parrots seams for a fraction of second to follow they tail wind. I watch in awe …
My heart bite slows down and little birds can feel my calm energy, they comes really close, i'm happy and smiling... just taking everything in. 
It's drinking time for everybody, the light make any surface look intense and special at this time of the day:  rocks turn red, billabongs are glittering with 100 stars, lilies flowers seams to be place there for the occasion meanwhile two little eyes who belong to a fresh water crocodile slowly appear on surface. 
The sun goes down and cockatoos conquer this land one more time with they loud voices and attitudes. 
Suddenly the long hard hours of my days in the bush are quickly forgotten.
My love for this barren land is stronger than ever and just like that, in the most unexpected moment, I fall in love all over again.