New expedition of Sarah in Tasmania

Departure for a new expedition in Tasmania,  The Edge Of The World  

Departure for a new expedition in Tasmania, The Edge Of The World 


After a month of intensive preparation during which I barely had time to drink enough Café Latte, I finally reach the point where I can finalize my bag for departure.

After 10 days here, where I got the necessary authorizations and permits (including fishing), I got hold of all the topographic maps of the route. I will carry with me a large choice of maps, that will allow me freedom in my moves, always one step after another, this will depend mainly on the ground.

I had several meetings with the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) to set up the data collection protocol during the expedition. A project that matters to me very much and for which I am impatient and curious at the same time.


On December 14th, my stage partner Sandrine Viglino arrived to give me a hand on the logistics side. She has dispatched, collected and vacuum-packed 100 days of food. A job that she handled tirelessly. I also surrounded myself with references in the Tasmanian scientific world. And it's a great chance that I count Leslie Frost (Environmental Manager at the Australian Antarctic Division University of Tasmania) as member of the expedition team.

She even gave me a wonderful Christmas gift late afternoon in a coffee shop in Hobart (photo). "You will really need that!" she added. A real torch handover... merci merci


As planned, four supplies points were set up and we left the bags. During this trip, Sandrine finally met kangaroos, a Tiger snake and even found a travel buddy (photo). To reach an isolated spot in the bush, at the end of a track that stopped at the river, we put the car on an old barge that allowed us to cross. During these two days of necessary roadtrip, I don’t know which of the two laughed the most, but I imagine that it was me …

As always before an expedition, two days before departure, I am exhausted and I can even say without getting carried away that "we are exhausted" but with an atmosphere of great appointment, despite the ton of work that we have completed.

It remains for me to wish you a wonderful and surprising year 2018.

As for me, with a lot of excitement and joy I am finally about to get back to the wild nature of Western Tasmania with its isolated and uninhabited lands.

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