Tasmania - She made it, with a broken arm !

I am back in the Swiss Alps after a challenging 3 - month Wild traverse - expedition, South to North through Western Tasmania. The mountains here are still covered with snow cap. I hold a warm cup of tea in my hand and I remember how many times I fell, laughed and looked at thi wall of dense vegetation standing before me. I was staring at it and hoping that a magic password would lift it up, but it never did.


How many times I unzipped the door of my tent in the morning hoping for something different than rain but it was rarely the case. The “pulse” of a expedition is to be ready to feel pain, to be wet, hungry, in doubt, amazed, not OK ... but what was awaiting for me in the deepest part of the Tasmanian primary forest was beyond all this.

I have met the fear of not waking up in the morning, mashed under one of those fallen giant trees. There was no escape from them, I was surrounded by them! Every time one of them would fall, the ground would shake under me and feed my fear. In that precise moment this was when I started to breath a different air full of new knowledge for me to feed on. What would happen if my life was taken away from me ? Is this the ultimate price to pay ?

So today is a celebration day for my family, teammates, friends, partners and for you my readers ...
I have created my own trail with my own light, with my own cold sweat.

" I gave my dream shape, color, taste. "

n a deep despair, urrounded by these crazy horizontal tangled bushes, with a broken arm and a
3-g backpack, unable to move forward or backward, what I remembered as my roar:
I creamed at the top of my lungs " I WILL NEVER GIVE UP " and indeed, I did not… I have walked 3 days with a broken arm before I found safety.

I've crossed the finish line the 13th of April 2018, 3 months and a week later, ith an injury and a tired smile, but deep down I have certainly achieved more than I have ever dreamt of.

Big things
can be done simply
one step at the time
" You are the Tiger in your jungle. "

I took a bunch of pictures with the app #EVERYDAY...You can feel what's happen Enjoy!