Sarah's inspiration

I'm in the bush at the end of another tortuous walking day, sitting on the ground resting against my heavy backpack.
Exhausted, I look up just in time to see intense colors of bright red, blue and apple green.
As the distinctive call of parrots seams for a fraction of second to follow they tail wind. I watch in awe …
My heart bite slows down and little birds can feel my calm energy, they comes really close, i'm happy and smiling... just taking everything in. 
It's drinking time for everybody, the light make any surface look intense and special at this time of the day:  rocks turn red, billabongs are glittering with 100 stars, lilies flowers seams to be place there for the occasion meanwhile two little eyes who belong to a fresh water crocodile slowly appear on surface. 
The sun goes down and cockatoos conquer this land one more time with they loud voices and attitudes. 
Suddenly the long hard hours of my days in the bush are quickly forgotten.
My love for this barren land is stronger than ever and just like that, in the most unexpected moment, I fall in love all over again. 


You already know Gregory, who was my expedition manager for my last 3-years expedition – Wild by Nature.  He took up his post again, delegating the resupply to Jennie for Dropped into the Wild Corner  

I would like to introduce you to Jennie who joined the team at the beginning of this year.

After realising one of her dreams, that was to do a round the world trip alone, she called me to find out whether what we talked about before she left, that is to say the possibility of her working with me, was still on the agenda. And this is how she joined our little team. Don’t be misled by her angelical air. This young woman is a skydiver and is immensely effective in practically all situations. Did I tell you that she is my cousin?

Well yes, after uprooting my little brother from the canton of Jura, I did the same with Jennie who now lives in Valais. Indeed it is with my brother Joël that Jennie will find herself on the Kimberley slopes. They are in charge of the resupply (more about this in another upcoming posting)

Jennie joined the team with A-J (pronounced heyji) who is also called: Ginseng. This nickname, I’m sure, gives you an idea of her character. After the death of my dog JOE, who is irreplaceable in my eyes, this little Jack Russell terrier became my temporary accomplice. Since we met, you can always find dried meat in my fridge - strange food for a vegetarian. I have established a little morning ritual of a few slices of dried meat with a raw carrot that she eats, I think, just to please me.

Discover here Sarah's latest tweet live from the Bush..


"Hello, I made it to my resupply point ! "

"I'm going to bed with a big fresh fish and an enormous salad in my stomach #fullstomac #droppedintothewildcorner"


"I'm out of the no human zone, walking on a dusty road. 2 days to go before my resupply point #droppedintothewildcorner"


"8.20am River crossing done, I've found a passage zigzagging on the top of big black boulder meanwhile crocs are watching me #crocs #droppedintothewildcorner"


"My solar watch Tissot T-Touch been the perfect tool to navigate across this wild terrain @Tissot #Tissot #mygear #droppedintothewildcorner"

"Arrived at the end of the day in front of a stunning river. On the other side in 1day walk is a road. Exhausted #droppedintothewildcorner"

"The sun goes down, lying naked on a flat stone I'm splashing my faithfull body with water. Completely exhausted but never been more alive #alive #droppedintothewildcorner"


5.53am Birds are playing an elaborate piece of music. Time to go #emptystomac #droppedintothewildcorner"

"I'm on hill top (400m) overlooking the river below sunrise with an intense orange + birds wakeup voice check #goodmorningaustralia #droppedintothewildcorner"

Departure from SWITZERLAND

The departure from Switzerland was hectic.  After a year’s preparation, I flew out on 2 May at the end of the afternoon, immediately after the award ceremony at the Geneva Books Fair, at which I gave the prize of the “Extraordinary Voyages” as godmother, for the Lombard Odier Foundation.

People often asked me this question: How do you start an expedition?

This expedition is – an old dream

We have, as you know, the gift of filing away our dreams in a fine old cabinet at the back of our memory. It is reassuring to have them there where we can easily access them without ever really taking them out of their dusty drawer. This is how a dream ages and becomes an old dream. I decided to take one out of its hiding place …

I began by painting my dream, my deepest desires, on a blank canvas. The inspiration came from within, as for a real painting. There was the first stroke, the first colour and the rest was a question of time, determination and passion.

“Walking is not the hardest … the preparation period is always just as arduous. It is a little like learning to swim for the first time for each expedition.”

And one day, which appeared never to arrive, I found myself at the airport once again with a big expedition bag. Ready for departure …

The race against the clock continued when I arrived in Australia – I had to get my last pieces of equipment and find a knife (one for myself, since I had not been able to bring my own with me in my luggage for security reasons), the fishing items I still needed, a shrimp trap, etc.

A few coffees later and after a few restless nights to recover from jet lag, I set off again by plane to the north – Kununurra ( the gateway to Kimberley) – My destination


Kununurra 8 May, 2015

The plane was in the approach path, I could just make out columns of smoke here and there beneath me.  Fires are part of the natural regeneration system in Australia. They herald the dry season- In the north there are 2 seasons: the rainy season (November – April) and the dry season (May – October), whilst the Aboriginals have 6 seasons:  Mirdawarr, Dhaarratharramirri, Rarranhdharr, Worlmamirri, Baarramirri and Waltjarnmirri

With my nose against the window, I heard the landing gearing come down with no mishap, my eyes continued to be glued to what was below, that is to say a jumble of peaks and deep valleys stretching to the horizon, imprisoning water in the dry season.    For me these crocodile pools resembled mirrors scattered here and there

I sat back in my seat for the landing. I felt energy, calmly and gently rising up my spine to the base of my skull.  My eyes were sparkling with excitement, eager for the adventure to begin …

Australia's worst drought season now. Sarah did 7days hike during preparation before the start and bushfood/carbonhydrate/food were not around. 3.5ounces flour per day to balance #australia #preparation #food #droppedintothewildcorner

Discover here Sarah's latest tweet live from the Bush..


"Crikets here are so big/fat they got a type of double sets wings they can fly away quickly #runawaymeal #proteineonthego #wantsomewings #droppedintothewildcorner"

"Day12 Breakfast in my table -kapok flowers & roasted bomb seeds #droppedintothewildcorner #bushtuckerfood"


"4am start caught 4 fishes, shared the bites i don't eat with dingos and had a wash #fulltummy #droppedintothewildcorner"


"Day7, crocodiles are everywhere. Caught 2 black bream/day except yersterday no water in the river. Today back track for cliff #noeasywaywithcrocs #nofishday #droppedintothewildcorner"


"Get my water with my foldable bucket+rope but a sweet water crocodile bite it, we fight.. guess who win? #nottheonewithtoomanyteeth #droppedintothewildcorner"


"I've caught my first fish, saw 2 snakes & Gouldian bird #droppedintothewildcorner"


"On my way to #droppedintothewildcorner #helicopter #kimberley #australia"